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So new Smash Bros. pics just released….

These facial expression are a godsend compared to the last game which had next to none.

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[You can find all these images here.]

I was looking through a collection of new Super Smash Bros. images, and a whole bunch just jumped right out at me.  These are a collection of my favorites.  All I can say is that being a character animator for this games must have a fantastic experience.  

I am sure some of these are staged, but they are great.  I feel like I could make an entire meme out of skeptical Charizard.  Most of these are just funny, but there were also some odd ones….

Charizard just seems really pissed that Yoshi is playing in the water.

Samus tries to look like a turnip to blend in.

I can’t figure out if they are both doing yoga or if this is the most awkward massage ever.

The objectification of Zero Suit Samus seems to be too much for Pit to handle.

And finally, we have this gem.  I am not going to really caption this one.  I will let it speak for itself.  I am sure it wasn’t intentional.  Lets just say I hope Mario never sees it.

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Rainy Glass In the Park
Alex Turner

Glass In the Park + Rainy Mood || Alex Turner

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'submarine' soundtrack written and performed by alex turner

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fuck. you. James.

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